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Powder Coating Fence

Sep 26, 2018

The new type of fence is assembled from square tubes of different specifications. The materials used are all hot-dip galvanized steel tubes for powder coating.

The powder coating fence consists of steel pipes, stainless steel anti-theft bolts and various decorative rings.

Characteristics of powder coating assembly fence

1. The three parts of the horizontal pipe, the vertical pipe and the vertical column are all steel pipes of different specifications. The four-layer anti-corrosion treatment has good anti-corrosion performance and long service life. After powder coating, it can reach 15 years, and the maintenance and renewal cost of the product is exempted. After the life span, it can be repainted and can be used again.

2. The assembly fence does not need to be welded. The surface of the steel pipe is clean and tidy. There is no solder joint. It can be assembled on site, or it can be transported before being assembled.

3, the design of anti-theft bolts, can better meet the customer's safety requirements. 

4, assembly fence color diverse, so it not only has beautiful characteristics, but also plays a very good protective role.

5, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.

6, a variety of styles of decorative circles, also added a touch of new ideas for the fence.