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Pvc Barrier Paint Method

Jan 18, 2017

Pvc fence is a green fence products, from the selection, production and processing to the surface treatment are non-toxic and harmless raw materials, not only can play the role of isolation protection, and its beautiful shape and color can also play a very good Of the decorative effect. It can also be recycled, it is a significant cost savings, but also to prevent the waste of resources, is a high-quality green environmental protection products.

Pvc guardrail with high-strength PVC plastic and metal pillar structure, designed to retain the traditional fence style, compared with the traditional fence, the mouth of easy to install, product color, variety, the use of the road after the scenery more beautiful, more eye-catching , And it does not corrode, do not often brush the paint, reducing the cost of a large number of brushing, the environment will not cause pollution; such as the collision, people, car damage than the traditional fence to be small; the product specifications, You can choose the height, color, suitable for urban traffic arteries, highway wicket, toll stations and other places need to be isolated use.