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Pvc Fence Describes The Composition Of Pvc Structure

Jan 18, 2017

In the production of PVC rails added PVC component makes the PVC fence corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-pressure, there is a strong cold. PVC is a polyvinyl chloride material, is the world's largest production of plastic products, cheap, widely used, PVC resin is white or light yellow powder. According to different uses can add different additives, polyvinyl chloride plastic can show different physical properties and mechanical properties. In the polyvinyl chloride resin by adding the right amount of plasticizer, can be made of a variety of hard, soft and transparent products.

Pure polyvinyl chloride density of 1.4g / cm3, adding plasticizers and fillers such as PVC plastic parts density is generally 1.15-2.00g / cm3. Hard PVC has good tensile strength, bending, compressive strength and impact resistance, can be used alone structural materials. Softness of soft PVC, elongation, cold resistance will increase, but the crisp, hardness, tensile strength will be reduced. PVC has good electrical insulation properties, can be used for low-frequency insulation materials, and its chemical stability is good. As the thermal stability of PVC is poor, prolonged heating will cause decomposition, HCL gas release, so that polyvinyl chloride discoloration, therefore, its application is very narrow, the use of temperature is generally between -15 ~ 55 degrees.