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PVC Guardrail In The Coloring Of The Matters Needing Attention

Jan 18, 2017

PVC fence from the profiles, injection molding, in a few occasions also need to use aluminum, through a special method of assembly assembled from the tenon. The shape of the production of similar cake production process. First of all, more than ten kinds of raw materials components are fully mixed, and then at the right temperature and time processing finished; then reinforce the seal in the profile, and connected into a guardrail. Reinforcements and the atmosphere is isolated, the company developed a new type of PVC railings produced no part of the rust.

PVC rails used in urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential areas, gardens and various types of enterprises and institutions of the decorative landscaping and security protection works. His safety performance is also a focus of attention.

PVC fence is now the most widely used fence, then we have a simple look at the unique pvc guardrail.

1, PVC rails do not like the steel rails as rust, paint. Often with water washing detergent can be beautiful as new.

2, PVC guardrail, although not anti-write, but most of the paint can be easily removed, washed with water, solvent or water sandpaper # 400, can remove the paint.

3, PVC is self-extinguishing material, if the PVC fence fire burning, just need to remove the fire source, the fire is self-extinguishing.

4, pvc guardrail will not be yellow, because the profile section have joined a large number of imported light, heat stabilizers and UV absorbers.

5, PVC fence will become dirty, but clean water and detergent + detergent enough to make it clean as new.