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PVC Rails Of The Production Process

Jan 18, 2017

PVC rails used in the metal profile extrusion coated vinyl plastic and plastic profile production process, to further overcome the second-generation barrier products, coating peeling, easy to aging and other shortcomings, as the third generation of road parapet in the A representative of a class of products. For easy to suffer the day sprinkle where the rain shall not use easy to aging, easy to corrosion of the barrier material; and balcony, roof, corridor and other high-altitude office should do a good job security measures, wood, composite plastic should not appear in these places, The best choice of metal profiles.

PVC railing railing height and pole spacing must comply with ((Residential Design Code)) GB50096 norms, that is, multi-storey residential and below and above the height of not less than 1.05m railing, pvc guardrail high-rise residential railings rail height Not less than 1.1m, the height of the staircase section of the railings and floor windows maintenance railings of not less than 0.9m, the level of the staircase section of the rail length greater than 0.50m height of not less than 1.05m railings vertical bar spacing is not greater than 0.11m Non-vertical bar, must take measures to prevent children climbing, railings should be designed in addition to a clear pattern, high width size, material varieties, pvc guardrail should also make connections and installation of fixed structural details and clear bars specifications Models and wall thickness.