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Railing Design Requirements

May 09, 2019

Railing design requirements

For example, the low column should be prevented from sitting on the anti-step, so the shape of the low column sometimes faces up straight, sometimes it is made into a wave shape. As long as the shape is good-looking, the structure is firm, and the distance between the rods is large, it does not matter, which saves the cost and is easy. Conservation. Where the middle column is to be protected from drilling, the clearance should not exceed 14 cm. In places where there is no need to prevent drilling, the beauty of the composition is the key, but it is not suitable for places that are dangerous and empty, especially the safety of children. In addition, when designing the middle column, it is also a pleasure to consider the upper cymbal as the handrail. The high bar should be protected against climbing, so don't have too many transverse bars below. When designing a specific design, consider the specific environment and design a suitable railing.