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Some Of The Specifications Used In The Border Fence

Oct 23, 2017

Border fence is a combination of mesh and frame with a welding, with a column for the use of a fence products, here for everyone here to briefly explain what the border fence specifications, and the protection of the above safety is safe, I hope that through the introduction of this product for a deeper understanding.

Border fence is a fence series of products, mainly through the metal frame formed by the product, often with the chassis construction for a good pouring fusion, has become the current beautiful, durable decorative materials, product firmness, Whether it is also a good use of value, from the following aspects of a detailed understanding.

Commonly common metal wire braided material, the performance is relatively good, such as low-carbon cold drawn steel wire, heat-resistant stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, modified wire, etc. are the best production type material, generally we collectively referred to as metal fence material. Another suitable for use in the fence of the fence, also has a very important use value.

Border fence is often used in both sides of the road, walls, factories and other places, the bottom of the installation of concrete columns, height of 30-45cm between the load, should not be too high. Common specifications are mainly in the following styles:

Column size (mm): 48x2x2200

Column spacing (mm): 3000

Column embedded (mm): 250-300 embedded foundation (mm): 500x300x300 or 400 x400 x400

Mesh size (cm): 7 * 15,8 * 16, other specifications can also be customized processing.

If you want to check whether the border fence is strong right, we mainly from the wall installation, installation of welding methods, what kind of docking, assembly methods, will greatly affect the use of fence. As a result of the bottom of the welding column with the top of the screw fixation, etc., will have a more important use of the characteristics of the traditional fence and metal fence with organic combination, not only save a lot of wall brick pile , But also transparent, anti-shock characteristics of the play to the extreme, that is, welding methods are more material savings, to achieve a better aesthetic decoration effect. Is the most commonly used material.