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Stainless Steel Railing Quality Problems Are The Following

Jul 17, 2017

All know the balconies are to protect the safety of the family, because many of the balconies are open-air, if not installed railing, then it is easy to cause dangerous accidents.

We must pay attention to the use of this time, so as to ensure that people will not bring insecurity factors, so very important, but want to ensure that the balcony railing has a good protective effect, we need to install the time Pay attention to a lot of things.

1. The overall strength of the railing armrest is not enough, hand-shaking armrest has a sense of trembling. Solution: the choice of pipe wall is too thin, wall railing to the overall strength is insufficient, should use wall thickness greater than or equal to 1.2 mm pipe to do handrails. Diameter can not be too small, when the armrest straight section length is longer, the column design should be lateral stabilization measures.

2. Stainless steel railing do not pass the handcuffs. Solution: processing technology is not high. Should be used professional factory production of right angle elbow, non-standard angle elbow, according to the construction of detailed plans for processing, processing plants should have dedicated production equipment The

3. Welds at the weld wall is polished, the degree of polishing is not enough. Surface scratches, pits. Solution: improper product protection, in the cross-operation by the object collision, scratched should be reasonable arrangements for the construction process, The installation is carried out at a later stage to protect and isolate the finished handrails to prevent foreign objects from colliding and scratches.

4. Round arc-shaped handrail arc is not smooth, with demolition. Solution: the choice of pipe wall thickness is too thin, in the processing of elbow prone to concave, and the tube is not round, Liner, so that after welding the weld, it is easy to bulge the end of the wall of the wall, should use the appropriate thickness of the pipe, the best welding when the lining liner.

5. The surface brightness of the pipe is not enough, the color is dark and the surface color of the titanium pipe is large. Solution: Choose the qualified pipe. The different grades of pipe have different elements, even in the same factory, Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of the same category and grades of stainless steel tube, and should strengthen the titanium quality management process.

6. There is a gap in the pipe connection. Solution: welding should be full of welding.

7. The column is not vertical, the arrangement is not the same line, shaking is not strong. Solution: the ball is not allowed, improper installation method. Construction must be precise line, first with the level of both ends of the reference column and fixed, The column should be fixed by the column positioning of the column should be strengthened before the inspection of embedded parts and found that the problem should be reinforced rods should be fixed to prevent the fixed column base expansion tube bolts too short, or under the stone cement mortar The quality of each construction process should be strengthened in order to correct the quality problems in a timely manner.