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The Application Of Fence Gate In Life

Jul 05, 2017

Fence Gate are widely used in our production and life, with garden Fence Gate, road Fence Gate, municipal Fence Gate and so on. Its beautiful shape, exquisite with a unique European style, and construction is simple, whether as anti-theft, protection, or used to decorate all can play a very good effect, in life played a very important role. At present in many cities popular private villas and courtyard Fence Gate, mostly wooden plank mainly. It consists of three parts, the Fence Gate, the transverse strip and the Fence Gate column. The general height is between 0.5 2 meters. Different shapes, general to decorate, simple protection for the main purpose of installation, in Europe and the United States is very popular.

The characteristics of electrostatic spraying assembly Fence Gate, the assembly Fence Gate without welding, steel pipe surface clean, no solder joints, can be installed on-site assembly, can also be transported before the Assembly of transport. Horizontal pipe, vertical pipe, column three parts are different specifications of the steel pipe, four-layer anti-corrosion treatment, good anti-corrosion performance, long service life. Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp-heat performance, suitable for different geographical use. Anti-theft bolt design, more can meet customer's safety requirements.

For the purchase of iron Fence Gate products, first of all, from the welding wire mesh material, the quality of the mesh material directly affect the utility of the Fence Gate finished products, whether or not standards. The first is how to choose the Fence Gate mesh, the mesh is made of different specifications of wire welding, silk is directly affected by the quality of the mesh, in the selection of silk should be selected by the normal manufacturer of High-quality wire Rod pulled out of the finished iron; the second is the welding or preparation technology, this aspect is mainly to see technical personnel and good production machinery between skilled and operating skills, a good screen is each welding or preparation point can be very good connection. The selection of the Fence Gate frame should be made of high quality angle steel and round bar, and the angle and round steel used in different Fence Gate uses should be different. Then the whole spray plastic should pay attention to the uniformity of spray, and the quality of the coating is also crucial.