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The Assembled Zinc-steel Guardrail

Jun 27, 2019

The assembled zinc-steel guardrail is currently in the market with a very large development trend. This product is characterized by its zinc-gold alloy and its surface is treated with special processes to make it cold in the hot south, sea salt corrosion, or cold weather. The north, the edge of the desertification blow. It can be anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-theft, beautiful and generous. You can choose the color according to your preference. It is convenient and quick to install and the price is moderate. The stainless steel anti-theft screw and the cast aluminum fittings can be used safely for 50 years to solve the troubles of maintenance and repair. It has many varieties and rich colors, and can be integrated with various environments. It can choose different styles according to the regional environment and highlight individuality. The lines of the products are smooth, exquisite in style, fashionable and stylish, simple and elegant, and stable and succinct. Some reveal the rich artistic atmosphere of ancient Rome, and some exude the charm of South American Mayan classics. The external decoration blends with the inner charm. Zinc steel is used as the base material. The products used in the building guardrail mainly include: balcony guardrails, protective windows, stair railings, fences, garden fences, blinds, air-conditioning guardrails, and road guardrails. Industrial fences (such as factory fences, commercial site fences), agricultural fences (such as field fences, animal husbandry fences), civil fences (such as building roof fences, fence walls, etc.), public facilities fences (such as road barriers), etc. .