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The Guardrail

Jul 13, 2018

The guardrail is widely used in the maintenance of municipal engineering, transportation, community, port, airport and storage area. Such products are becoming more and more mature and become an important branch of the building materials industry. The scale of the industry is constantly expanding and the style is increasing.

The guardrails can be divided into roadside guardrails, central barrier guardrails and special location guardrails according to the place of use; according to the structure, they can be divided into flexible guardrails, semi-rigid guardrails and rigid guardrails. According to the material of the guardrail, there are iron guardrails, stone guardrails, PVC guardrails, wooden guardrails, cement guardrails, plastic steel guardrails, stainless steel guardrails, glass guardrails, etc. According to the functional use of the guardrail, there are balcony guardrails, stair railings, air conditioning guardrails, community guardrails, villa guardrails, anti-theft guardrails, stadium guardrails, etc. According to the decorative characteristics of the guardrail, there are art fences, wrought iron guardrails, transparent guardrails, bay window guardrails, grid guardrails, American guardrails, and European guardrails.

According to the appearance classification: bilateral wire fence net, frame fence net, double ring fence net, Meige net guardrail, chain link fence, steel net fence