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The Importance Of Iron Fence

Jul 05, 2017

Iron fence Expressway important security facilities, not only can play a protective role, but also to a certain extent, to save people's lives. If someone on the highway accident occurred, Iron fence will be in the event of a car accident to reduce the disaster caused by the disaster, reduce the harm to people and things. This is the importance of iron fence, usually insignificant iron fence is always for our personal and property security escort.

Iron fence we should be more familiar with it, we often see in our lives, iron fence is a fence, because the price is cheap, easy to install by the majority of customers choice. What should we pay attention to in the installation of the iron fence?

First of all, in the installation of iron fence to accurately grasp the various facilities of the information, especially buried in the roadbed in the exact location of the various channels in the construction process does not allow any damage to the underground facilities. And then to the column of the fence into the deep, the column should not be pulled out of correction, the need to re-rammed its base after the break, or adjust the column position. Attention should be paid to control the hammering force when approaching depth in construction. Also if the installation of the highway on the bridge to install the flange, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the top of the column elevation control. Finally, if the iron fence as a fence barrier, the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the construction process, the construction should pay attention to the preparation of construction and pile driver combination, and constantly sum up experience, strengthen the construction management, the isolation grid to ensure the quality of installation.

On the fence, China is usually used early painting protection, and later gradually use the form of hot dip zinc, is still widely used in a large number of hot dip zinc protection. Fence fence of the national standard GB / T18226-2000 "highway traffic engineering steel components anti-corrosion technical conditions", the fence product protection is divided into four categories: galvanized, aluminum, galvanized (aluminum) after painting, The In areas where the countryside and pollution are not severe, separate hot dip zinc protection or separate spray protection fences can be used, and in heavy industrial or coastal urban areas, especially in acid rain areas, hot dip or spray Layer fence can reach the usefulness of the useful life, resulting in fence maintenance costs greatly increased. For the hot-rolled fence, its corrosion resistance than ordinary galvanized fence, but its technology, technology, cost and environmental impact and other reasons, the scope of application is not very wide. The use of hot dip + spray protection system, relative to the hot dip zinc + spray protection system is an uneconomical method. The use of galvanized sheet + spray double protection system, in heavily polluted areas, especially acid rain areas to achieve better anti-corrosion effect, the use of life greatly extended, the most durable protection methods. Different materials of the highway fence, have different uses and advantages, for the application of the fence we need to choose the advantages of combining materials.