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The Municipal Guardrail Is Also Called The Urban Traffic Galvanized Spray Steel Guardrail.

Jul 11, 2019

The municipal guardrail is also called the urban traffic galvanized spray steel guardrail. It is beautiful and novel, easy to install, safe and reliable, and competitively priced. It is applicable to the isolation of urban traffic main roads, highway green belts, bridges, secondary roads, township roads and toll gates.

Leading products: solar anti-glare guardrail, galvanized steel isolation fence, municipal road isolation barrier, pedestrian road guardrail, motorized and non-motorized isolation guardrail, road center isolation guardrail, billboard road isolation fence, river safety fence, lawn flower bed guardrail The municipal road isolation fences are complete in specifications and varieties, and can be arbitrarily selected for height and color.

The municipal guardrail is a protective fence in the middle of the road to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from crossing the road without obeying traffic rules, providing safety for pedestrians and vehicles.

The municipal guardrail has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun and weather resistance.

Anti-corrosion form: electroplating, hot-plating, spray-coating, dip-coating.

Municipal guardrail material; pvc plastic steel, galvanized steel pipe


1. The municipal guardrail has beautiful and practical features.

2. This product is easy to install and suitable for all kinds of municipal buildings and roads.

3. The municipal guardrail is one of the road isolation barriers at home and abroad. Mainly used for field isolation belts, municipal engineering isolation belts, garden guardrails. The isolation and protection of parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads, and residential areas in municipal construction; protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets, and entertainment venues.

The municipal guardrail is widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places for security protection and decorative beautification; it can also be used in communities, courtyards, villas, its lines are smooth, simple and beautiful, rich in modern atmosphere, let the community The color of the garden makes the garden shine, and the villa has the high grade of the times. The product has beautiful appearance, firmness, good anti-corrosion property, simple installation, convenient maintenance, easy cleaning, economical and practical, no maintenance, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment. It is a product that beautifies urban environmental engineering!