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The Principle And Installation Method Of Assembling Railings

Sep 25, 2018

Technology can change life, and crafts can make everyone enjoy life better. The current market is in the era of traditional craftsmanship in the process of modernization, that is to say, new technologies are being accepted, but traditional crafts are still popular in some small places. The main reason is the price or the requirements of customers. problem. For the development of the guardrail, we can see the assembled guardrail from the initial welding to the present. This is a process of development, from cumbersome to convenient. This is definitely the trend of the future. Moreover, the cost of assembling the guardrail (also called "assembly railing") and our traditional craft welding fence is similar, and the related guardrail fittings or the size of the steel pipe can be mass-produced, which greatly reduces the production cost. Just like the combination wardrobe in the home, we only get some pipe and connecting things, but according to the length of the angle, we can freely match a three-dimensional cabinet. In the process of transportation, various visions are unpacked, and the volume is smaller and more convenient. Rather than a molded wardrobe, it can be cumbersome to carry or transport. Therefore, the current assembly barrier adopts the same concept, and the overall installation is completed after being transported to the place separately.