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Traffic Barrier

Jul 09, 2019

Traffic barrier

The traffic barrier is a traffic safety facility located outside the shoulder of the road, the traffic divider and the sidewalk teeth. The collision energy is absorbed by self-deformation or vehicle climb, thereby changing the direction of travel of the vehicle, preventing the vehicle from going out of the road or entering the opposite lane, and minimizing the damage to the occupant.

The role of traffic barriers is:

The first is to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the road and causing rollover accidents, especially the traffic barriers set in corners and dangerous roads in mountainous areas. For motorists, they can attract sufficient attention in the distance, so that they can be vigilant. When passing, the driver can also perform line of sight induction to help him operate correctly.

Second, it can prevent the front car from colliding with each other, and at the same time prevent the same car from rubbing and hanging;

Third, it can prevent vehicles from colliding with pedestrians and prevent pedestrians from crossing the road at will.