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Two-way Elbow Zinc Steel Guardrail Product

Jun 28, 2019

Two-way elbow zinc steel guardrail product structure: The top curved gun head design forms a climbing effect. The shape is similar to the top 30° bend of the wire mesh fence. (upper two-way elbow)

General specifications: 32*32 with 16 square tube; 35*35 with 19 square tube; 30*40 with 22 square tube; 30*40 with 22 round tube; 40*40 with 25 square tube; 45*45 with 25 square tube 32*32 with 22 round tubes; 32*32 with 12*25 elliptical tubes; 35*35 with 22 round tubes; 30*419 square tubes; 40*40 with 19 square tubes.

Exterior color:

1. General colors: black matte, bright white, grass green, sky blue, blasted gold, popped silver, black light, gray, matte.

2, special colors: champagne, bronze, imitation copper, powder can be adjusted according to special colors.


 1. The two-way elbow wrought iron guardrail adopts the assembled overall frame layout technically, which is convenient for construction and installation;

 2. The joint between the mesh and the column of the two-way elbow wrought iron guardrail is a semi-circular head square neck bolt, plus an anti-theft washer, so that the guardrail can be easily removed by people;

 3, suitable for mass production, can be well integrated with nature.

 Product use: It is suitable for use as a fence in municipalities, roads, parks, zoos, villas, residential quarters, etc.