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US-Mexico Border: Steel Fence, Or Cement Fence?

May 20, 2019

"I will build a long wall on our southern border - building a wall, no one is better than me, and I want Mexico to pay the money." This is the future US President Donald Rump said during the campaign. To date, his company has built mainly high-rises and hotels. “Building a wall at the border” is the first priority in his “10-point plan” for immigration policy.

According to the website of the German Voice Radio, the total length of the border between the United States and Mexico is about 3,200 kilometers - 1,100 kilometers of which have been fenced. There are ten states on the US-Mexico border: four in the United States, six in Mexico, and borders across the desert and the city. Due to the hardships of the people, a small part of the border at the border of New Mexico is open. Elsewhere, there are patrols from the US Customs and Border Protection Department.

Tortilla Wall, a derogatory term for a 22.5-kilometer border between the Otay Mesa border in San Diego, California, and the Pacific Ocean.