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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wrought Iron Railings And Zinc Steel Railings?

Jul 08, 2019

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron railings and zinc steel railings?

First of all, let's take a look at the wrought iron railings. As the name suggests, wrought iron railings are rails made of iron-based materials, which are melted and processed through special techniques. This type of railing can be designed according to the specific needs of customers, so it is more selective. However, wrought iron railings also have their own shortcomings. The first is that wrought iron railings are more prone to rust when used, and this will increase our maintenance cost. Second, the color of the wrought iron railing is fixed, so the corresponding aesthetics are relatively poor.

Furthermore, for the zinc steel railings, the craftsmanship in the manufacturing process is relatively mature, and the surface of the zinc steel railings is specially treated, so even in a relatively humid environment, it is not prone to rust. Secondly, the zinc steel railing itself has stronger adhesion, so the surface layer is not easy to fall off during use, so that the appearance of the appearance is guaranteed. However, the biggest disadvantage of zinc steel railings compared to wrought railings is that they cannot be designed according to consumers' preferences, and the choices offered to consumers are relatively small.