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Why Should The Fence Be Made Of Zinc Steel?

Jul 03, 2019

Through these kinds of environments, we can analyze that the environment in which the fence is located is particularly corrosive to metals. Moreover, his strength is good enough to cope with the increasingly harsh climate. In terms of strength, the first is the strong wind, so in this environment, it is necessary to use materials with good strength and corrosion resistance. The zinc steel guardrail itself is characterized by its first resistance to ultraviolet rays. For the sun exposure, the wind and rain have a stronger immunity. For the kind of weeds, the climate is hot and humid, and the environment is also very adaptable.

The survival of the fittest, so the zinc steel guardrail in this environment, the service life is very long. It won't be hollowed out like a wrought iron fence. It won't be blown off easily like a PVC guardrail. It won't be broken as quickly as a stainless steel guardrail. The reason why the zinc steel guardrail has such good applicability is that its skeleton adopts high-strength and high-toughness hot-dip galvanized steel, and it also shows that it is a polyurethane powder which is cured by 220° high temperature. Polyurethane powder coatings have strong characteristics that are incomparable to many kinds of paints such as UV resistance, weathering resistance, aging, cracking, etc. So do you know why it is better to use zinc steel guardrails for fences? I believe that you already have the answer in your heart.