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Jun 24, 2019

Company History:

In 1990, XCEL FENCE Company was established in the United States. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of fences. The company is known worldwide for its leading and global assembly fence international patents and high-end surface coating treatment technology. The company's production of welding-free, maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly assembly fences is a recommendation of the American Institute of Architects, and is recognized by the mainstream society.

In 1994, XCEL began to produce and sell fence products in China, and successfully promoted the highway traffic isolation network system in China in accordance with American ASTM standards.

In 2000, XCEL and Sichuan Hongda Group established Wuxi Axel Fence Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu. XCEL Company owns more than ten patented technologies and high-end surface treatment technology, becoming the first domestic application of electrostatic spraying technology to fences and guardrail products. It is the first in China to introduce and lead the new trend of “safe, stylish and environmentally friendly assembly fences”!

In 2006, in order to better promote safety and environmental protection fences in China, XCEL Company established Wuxi DIF Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, dedicated to the design, development and promotion of safe, environmentally friendly and easy-to-install permanent fence products.

In 2008, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the fence industry and the company and meet the market demand, XCEL Company established XCEL (Jiangsu) Safety Guard Co., Ltd. in Jintan, Jiangsu Province, introduced advanced production lines, and strictly produced according to American ASTM standards. It is used in large public service facilities such as road construction, factories, mines, parks, buildings, bridges, etc. The company has stable distributors and customers in North America, Europe, Asia and other places.

In 2012, XCEL Company adhered to internationalization, achieved the strategic goal of expanding overseas and strengthening domestic sales, and determined to become the leader of the technical implementation standards and norms of the Chinese fence industry.

The company is now recruiting talents from all walks of life. In addition to providing competitive compensation and benefits to its talented companies, the company also provides advanced training and job opportunities for US employees. As long as you have dreams and enthusiasm. And withstand the experience, there will be no ceiling in the Union, there is a big stage where you can fly your dreams and realize your own value.