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Zinc Steel Fence

Jun 24, 2019

The traditional fence uses iron bars and aluminum alloy materials, and needs to be processed by electric welding, etc., and has a soft texture, is easy to rust, and has a single color. The zinc steel fence perfectly solves the shortcomings of the traditional guardrail and is affordable, making it a substitute for traditional balcony railing materials. The zinc steel guardrail is installed by welding without welding. The thickness of the substrate is 2-3 times that of stainless steel. More than 500 colors can be selected. The surface is made of European imported AkzoNobe anti-oxidation powder electrostatic spray to enhance the oxidation resistance of the guardrail. UV resistant, weather resistant and corrosion resistant. Zinc steel is used as the base material. The products used in the construction fence mainly include: balcony guardrails, protective windows, stair railings, fences, garden fences, blinds, air-conditioning fences and road guardrails.