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Zinc Steel Guardrail

Jul 11, 2019

Zinc steel guardrail refers to the balcony guardrail made of zinc alloy material. Because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance and bright color, it has become the mainstream product used in residential areas. The traditional balcony railings use iron bars and aluminum alloy materials, and need to be processed by electric welding, etc., and the texture is soft, easy to rust, and single color. The zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcomings of the traditional guardrail, and the price is moderate, which has become a substitute for the traditional balcony guardrail material.

Advantages: (1), safety: high-strength zinc alloy, formed by T5 heat treatment, and uniquely designed, integrated, no solder joints, the overall strength is greatly improved.

(2), beautiful: streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can blend modern urban space and natural environment, let you swim in the meantime.

(3) Comfort: Look out into the distance and enjoy the beautiful scenery to provide you with a comfortable and safe platform.

(4), practicability: the surface is treated by special process to form a *** protective film, smooth and flat, never rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

(5) Weather resistance: This product is characterized by its aluminum alloy, and the surface is specially treated. Therefore, it can be used safely in air-polluted cities or coastal areas where sea salt is corroded, so that you can solve the worries of maintenance.