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What Are The Benefits Of Zinc Steel Guardrails?

Apr 30, 2019

There are several significant advantages of zinc steel guardrails compared to traditional wrought iron and stainless steel materials:

1: High strength, not easy to rust, electrophoretic layer imitation enamel process to form a permanent coating No matter what kind of environment, the imperial zinc steel fence is not easy to rust.

2: Environmentally friendly and self-cleaning, the polyester black powder coating used by the Imperial Air Zinc Steel Fence makes the guardrail products have a good self-cleaning function. The appearance of the product is smooth and clean, and it is not stained. The rain wash and the spray gun can be as bright as new.

3: Color wins the rainbow, the air navigation zinc steel fence is made of AkzoNobel powder coating, which is bright and durable, and can be combined and matched to meet the user's requirements for color design.

4: The device is simple, and the unique device mode of the Imperial Airlines zinc steel fence requires only a screwdriver to complete the device without welding.