Easy Aluminum Deck Railing

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XCEL Railing System used widely for any different buildings.

Balcony Railing for House

Easy Aluminum Deck Railing is made of industrial aluminum. It is made by a new technology of classical plug-and-loop combination after extrusion, aging, ironing and high-temperature electrostatic spraying. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not need welding, wire connection and corner code connection. Its nodes are tight, seamless, safe and reliable, and it has excellent quality, no rust, and long life with green environmental protection. The aluminum guardrail is the crystallization of a great revolution in China's guardrail industry. It not only meets the needs of the development of the times, but also responds to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. In people's lives, it will become an ideal product that is indispensable for safety enclosure and decoration isolation. In the construction of a civilized city, it will become a beautiful landscape. In the construction of the real estate industry, it will become a new initiative, new concept and new image of industrial development.

Safety Railing for School

Railing for the Parks

Railing for the Apartment

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